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I Got No TimeI Will Not Be MovedIt's Been So Long
It's MeIt's Time to DieJust Gold
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Look at Me NowLots of FunMangle
March Onward to Your NightmareNightmare Spring BonnieNightmarionne
Not Here All NightNot the EndNothing Can Hurt Me
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RodryRolePlay SeriesRoleplay Series Cap 0-Universo 01
Scrap BalloraSpringtrap Horror AttractionSurvive the Night
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TR WORLD - El Circo Del Subterráneo (T1-EP6)TR WORLD - El Guardián (T2-EP8)TR WORLD - El Pueblito Del Horror (T1-EP4)
TR WORLD - El Secreto De La Mina (T1-EP5)TR WORLD - El Secreto Del Pueblo (Parte 2) (T2-EP5)TR WORLD - El Secreto Del Pueblo (T2-EP1)
TR WORLD - JJ Fighters (T2-EP2)TR WORLD - La Barrera (T1-Final Bueno/Verdadero)TR WORLD - La Batalla Final (T1-Final Neutro)
TR WORLD - La Cueva (T2-EP6)TR WORLD - La venganza de Fazbear (Final Alternativo)TR WORLD - Lluvia De Nieve (T1-EP3)
TR WORLD - Los Huevos De Pascua (T2-EP7)TR WORLD - Los Árboles Mueren De Pie (T1-EP2)TR World - El Tiempo De La Verdad (T2-EP4)
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The White PuppetThey RiseTrue Nightmare
Turn BackUn Desastre de FicUn Desastre de Fic (Saga)
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