Nothing Can Hurt Me
Portada de la canción
Artista MandoPony
Álbum Songs for Gamers, Vol. 2
Lanzamiento 9/8/2015
Duración 3:38
Colaboradores Ninguno
Formatos YouTube icon Spotify 23464


Nothing Can Hurt Me es una canción basada en el videojuego de Five Nights at Freddy's 4, hecha por MandoPony. La canción fue lanzada el 9 de Agosto de 2015, y actualmente cuenta con tres millones de visitas. Es la sexta canción del álbum Songs for Gamers, Vol. 2.


Is it finally over? Are you finally done? Are you happy now? Did you have your fun?

I hope that it was worth it

All the tears I cried

While you were laughing

I was terrified

And if I never see you again

Please remember me the way I was

Before I was broken

And if I never wake

I pray the Lord my soul to take

And your words won't hurt me anymore

No, your words can't hurt me anymore.

(no more...)

I hope for peace

Maybe it's all for the best

No more Nightmares

In my final rest

But one thing I'll never know

Is why you treated me like you did

I was your only brother

And I was just a kid...

I wonder what mom and dad, will do?

I hope one day they'll learn

To forgive you

And if I never wake

I'll pray the Lord my soul to take

And nothing can hurt me anymore

No, nothing can hurt me...


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